Health and Safety Cartoons Slideshow!

Remember, you should also motivate your work colleagues to keep health and safety in mind. And what better way than a cartoon slide show…

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Criticism is easy, art is difficult ~ quote by Philippe Destouches

Today we’ll have a look at ‘criticism’ – I always try to
refrain from being critical when my wife is doing something
I don’t want to do! Here’s a cartoon that was born out of a
recent decorating project – along with a few of my favourite

Sandwich every bit of criticism between two thick layers of
praise. ~ Mary Kay Ash

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain.. and most fools
do.~ Dale Carnegie

Don’t let anyone say you can’t do it. ~ John Ilhan

And my favourite…Never criticize your spouse’s faults; if it

weren’t for them, your mate might have found someone better
than you! ~ Jay Trachman

‘Here’s the fax, LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX!’

If you’re going to make the incredible effort to be born, then why not live your life to the MAX. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Why do it half shod? Why only let the throttle out half way? Put your foot flat to the floor, spin the wheels, burn some rubber and let loose with a ‘Yahoo’ as you tear up the road in your supercharged hot rod of a life that is yours to live. Too many of us try to play it safe and at the end of the road we find ourselves trapped in self-imposed security. But you know and I know that there’s only one life to live, so let’s LIVE it.
Words © Peter Sinclair 2003

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