What should an organisation consider before implementing financial rewards as a way of motivating employees?

Financial rewards as a way of motivating employees to perform, which factors must be considered and what advice would you give to an organisation that is considering to implement this in order their working staff to perform much better?

Any such money would be better spent in improving the conditions under which the people are working. Bonus related awards only have a limited effect over a limited time period.
Much better to tell the team that you have X amount of cash available to improve their working environment and let them tell you how and on what it should be spent.

Improving Habits & Morale Inside the Workplace by Ty Howard

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Employee Incentive Program

http://getawayincentives.com Learn everything you need to know about motivating employees with and employee incentive program. Everything from types of incentives to how to select an employee incentive company.

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Construction Business: How to Motivate Employees

Interview with Robin Wilson, a general contractor, and Todd Durham, a project manager, with Meridian Builders and Developers on managing subcontractors.

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Motivating Employees with Positive Praise

Employees want to be thanked, thank-you very much. Motivate employees, inspire employees by tapping into their pride through positive praise.

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Motivating Employees

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Jack Varnado

Motivating Employees – Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials

APCO 2006



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Management style – motivating employees

The skill Will Matrix allows managers and business owners to select the most appropriate management style to utilize when managing employees.

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Motivating Employees: 5 Ps for Effective Motivation

Motivating employees is about creating more than just a fun workplace. Purpose, progress, performance and pride at a personal level is what truly motivates employees. www.inspiringworkplaces.com, www.humoratwork.com

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