Six Hidden Motivators

Here are 6 “hidden” motivators that could be of use.
1. Theoretical
2. Utilitarian
3. Aesthetic
4. Social
5. Individualistic and
6. Traditional

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Health and Safety Cartoons Slideshow!

Remember, you should also motivate your work colleagues to keep health and safety in mind. And what better way than a cartoon slide show…

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Are you affected by your haters, or do you make them your motivators?

Are you affected by your haters, or do you make them your motivators?
Great question!!!
Yes, to both.
They make me fell like cr*p, but then I work even harder.
These people usually were my peers in high school (keep in mind I graduated over half a decade ago), and they assumed that because I was a brat then, I would amount to nothing. They are my biggest motivators.
The best revenge for haters is exceeding and effortlessly rubbing it in.

How can I lose weight fast? Motivators?

I’m 15 and I need to lose some weight. I’m 5’7” and 135 lbs. I use Lose It! on my iTouch and it usually works… for a couple days. But then I sort of give up and eat a lotttttttttttttttt. Then it screws it all up and I’m back to where I started. I would love to lose weight by March 12 but really I’d be content with anything. Does anyone have any ideas? Or motivators to help me stick to my plan? Thanks! xx
Slimming motivator

The first thing I’d suggest is to GET MOVING – start doing some exercise and cut down on your fat intake.  Aim to lose 1lb per week instead of massive weight lose. In your mind it’s easier to lose 1lb per week than aim to lose a stone in 14 weeks time. That task seem far too big – yet 1lb a week is achievable – but exactly the same!

Women aren’t men. It’s been proven that men can lose weight more rapidly than women can, which is likely due to their physiological makeup (women are supposed to have more fat than men, because they’re the birthing gender). This isn’t a sexist statement to make – it’s pretty much the truth. As such, females should expect to set separate goals than males – especially if you’re working on losing weight together, side by side.

Good luck!

Employee motivation & Yo Yo Performance

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The Ultimate Motivators Collection, Round 2

Ready? Round Two! FIGHT!!

I really wasn’t planning on making a second one, but while lurking for pictures for my next project, I stumbled upon a thread with over 100 new motivators, and i thought you’d enjoy 😀

-=Music Score=-

First song: Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Second Song: Enter The Haggis – Donald where’s yer troosers?

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Matt Murray & The Motivators – 5/17/08

Another very cool local band that plays the blues, southern rock, and classic rock. This video was taken at the East End Club in Lowell, MA

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Daniel Pink Speaks About Employee Motivation (Pt. 1) –

Daniel Pink’s amazing keynote talk from Dwell on Design 2009 in Los Angeles. Daniel spoke about 40 years of research that shows that our traditional approach to motivation – the approach that people respond to rewards and punishment and that if you want them achieve at a higher level you offer them a carrot or threaten them with a stick—is not right, and these typical approaches of the typical business in North America don’t work. Daniel spoke about the fact that the people and the organizations that really flourish prize autonomy, the sense of doing something out of self-direction rather than being pushed by somebody else—the sense of mastery, which is the desire to get better and better and better at something, and also the sense of purpose, which is about doing something that outlasts yourself, in the service of a cause larger than oneself. He relates these ideas about motivation to building since he feels that these three keys to true motivation are strongly embodied by architects and designers.

For more videos like this check out

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