“Hire a cartoonist” NOT higher a cartoonist! Ha!

“Hire a cartoonist” NOT higher a cartoonist!

Seems Frank the forklift driver is a bit hard of hearing as he was sure he was to “Higher a Cartoonist” and not “Hire a Cartoonist! Poor old Frank is now in trouble…


Hire a cartoonist, higher a cartoonist on a fork lift truck. Cartoonist sat drawing at his desk is being 'highered' by a guy in a fork lift truck. Boss says "No, no, no! I said HIRE A CARTOONIST - not higher a cartoonist! guy on fork lift truck is embarrassed



If you don’t want to “Higher a Cartoonist”  you can always “Hire a Cartoonist” with Cartoons Me or “Hire a Cartoonist” with the Cartoon Studio…


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